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Laboratorio Alberto Colzani



Laboratorio Alberto Colzani



Laboratorio Alberto Colzani

Welcome to our website, you will find all our harpsichords and spinets with pictures, general information, prices and audio samples.

My musical and cultural interests plus my collaborations building instruments with musician friends lead me at first to manufacture Celtic harps. Afterwards , I became interested in and gradually developed a passion for ancient instruments, in particular harpsichords and spinets. Thus, I began my professional activities as a harpsichord maker supported by study and professional education which focused on both the cultural and technical research of  the ancient musical instruments collections displayed in a number of European museums. In 1991 I used my expertise as a professor of restoration of ancient keyboard instruments at the Piano Academy of Imola. Although this teaching experience was enriching and rewarding from both a professional and personal prospective I choose to devote all my time and attention to manufacturing and research.. 

From 1988 to 1994 my instruments were sold by “Il Laboratorio Musica ed Antichi Strumenti” in Milan, an organization that in those years was active in the music field (exhibitions of ancient musical instruments, restoration, classes, concerts…).

Since 1995 I have the personal satisfaction of overseeing all aspects of my businnes (from construction to sale). This allows me to have a direct relationship with each client and to meet their specific requests and to provide the continual attention which supports their particular technical needs.

Over the years I can verify, with professional pride, that my clients recognize and value the patient and skillful care which I provide. My long experience scrupulous attention to detail and service are matched by a very good quality to price ratio.

As a result, I have many dedicated clients with whom I have developed long term, professional and personal relationship.

Currently,I have constructed approximaly 250 harpsichords and spinets, sold mainly in Europe and Japan.

My instruments are used in several Conservatories in Italy and France.

In the construction of all instruments, I use the highest quality standards which consider the most appropriate choice of woods and materials and which also respect both the traditional and modern technologies for the art of making stringed instruments.

I use poplar for the construction of harpsichord and spinet cases which have to be painted, cypress for the Italian instruments that have exposed wood, linden for the bottoms and keyboards, spruce from the Fiemme Valley for the soundboards, beech and walnut for bridges, wrest plank, registers and pear and holly for the jacks. I also use ebony, boxwood, and bone to cover the keys and boar bristles for spring jacks.

I replace the traditional use of quill, which is very delicate and deteriorates rather easily, with delerin.

In the decoration of painted instruments I use acrylic gesso as a primer, tempera for color, and shellac to  protect and finish. For instruments with exposed wood , I use shellac and wax.

All manufacturing is done in my workshop directly by me assisted by several highly qualified co workers.

This guarantees absolute quality control at each stage and during each operation of the construction process.

Special care and attention is dedicated to the manufacturing of the soundboard,   jacks and keyboards to maximizing the performance of the instrument.

We customize each instrument to satisfied the needs of each client.

Finally, in developing a method of making a small series of each instrument, I am able to offer a very good quality to price ratio.


Alberto Colzani

maker of harpsichords
and antique keyboard instruments


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