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French harpsichord after
Russel Collection Of Edinburgh, 1764-1783

Soundboard in red-deal
Lacquered poplar case with leaf gilding
Keyboard in ebony and bone
Transposition: 415-440
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Strings of red,yellow brass and iron
Stops: 2 x 8',4',lute
Compass: F1 - f 6
Measurements: m. 2,37 x 0,95 x 0,30

Audio Samples:
J. S. Bach, Klavierübung Teil IV BWV 988 (Goldberg variationen)

harpsichord played by Onofrio Della Rosa, CD Digressione contemplattiva DCTT12

You can find the same audio samples in high definition sound to this link: Audio

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Goermans-Taskin harpsichord

Goermans-Taskin harpsichord This is the famous and great Goermans Russel-Taskin from the Edinburgh collection. Noted for its sweet anf full sound, this model still remains one of the most popular and requested of all harpsichords. A primary objective of all our work is to maintain the overall general quality of an instrument without sacrificing the sound characteristics and mechanisms. This simplified and elegant model offers a complete harspichord, at a cost savings.


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