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Italian Harpsichord
Anonymous 18° c.

Compass B1-E6, 54 keys, transposition: 415-440
Wood finished case
Pearwodd jacks
Keyboard in ebony
Brass strings
Stops: 2x8'
Soundboard in red deal
length 176 cm; weight 25 Kg

Audio Samples:
B. Pasquini, Variazioni Capricciose

harpsichord played by Marco Vincenzi

You can find the same audio samples in high definition sound to this link: Audio

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anonymous harpsichord 18° c.

This is an instrument easy to handle, compact in size and weight, and maintains the sound characteristics typical of Italian instruments: rich ,crystal clear and powerful. The extension of the keyboard allows for the execution of a very large repertoire.Given the features of extreme transportability without compromising the sound, it is a very attractive option for harpsichordists continually challenged by the difficulties of carrying their instruments.


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