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Italian harpsichord after
G.B. Giusti 1681

Soundboard in red-deal
Poplar an cypress case
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Strung in brass
Keyboard in boxwood and ebony
Compass: C2 - d6
Disposition: 2 x 8'
Dimensions: m. 1,98 x 0,90 x 0,24
Transposition : 415 - 440


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Giusti harpsichord

The original of this small instrument is in the collection of the “Instrument Museum” in Nuremberg. In comparison to the original, constructed in the Italian tradition with a keyboard comprised of 45 keys and a short octave, we can add an extension of the eight bass and enlarge to the “re acuto”. The Giusti is ideal for all Italian music, as well as major ensemble works, thanks to the “happy marriage“ of ligth weight and sound in the bass.


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