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German Harpsichord after
Christian Vater - 1738

Soundboard in red-deal
Poplar case
Keyboard in boxwood and ebony
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Parchment rosace
Strung in brass
Dispositions: 2 x 8',lute
Compass: A1 - e6, 56 keys
Transposition: 415 - 440
Dimensions: m. 2 x 0,85 x 0,25

Audio Samples:
J. S. Bach, from Suite Francese in d min. BWV 812

harpsichord played by Marco Vincenzi

(Recording made on two keyboards model).

You can find the same audio samples in high definition sound to this link: Audio

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Vater harpsichord

The "small" German instrument presented here has among its special features a very pleasing and functional touch. This makes it a highly suitable instrument for study and with its special sound strung entirely in brass, also renders it quite versatile for others repertoires. In addition to its painted case, this model can be crafted with exposed wood as request by the client.
It is also possible to have this instrument with two manuals which extends the sound and provides for greater versatility.


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