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Italian harpsichord after

Soundboard in red-deal
Cypress harpsichord in a painted outer case
Keyboard in bone and ebony
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Strung in brass
Disposition: 2 x 8'
Compass: G1 - d6
Transposition: 415 - 440
Dimensions: m. 2,52 x 0,94 x 0,24

Audio Samples:
B. Storace, Selva di varie compositioni

harpsichord played by Marco Vincenzi

You can find the same audio samples in high definition sound to this link: Audio

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Grimaldi harpsichord

This is a very well known instrument.
The Messina Grimaldi is THE veritable Italian harpsichord inner-outer case, double row of 8 ' brass strings, excellent extension of the keyboard. It is the ideal instrument for the great Italian harpsichord repertoire.

We also produce a model with a false inner-outer case which adds to greater stability and maneuverability without losing sound quality.


Alberto Colzani

maker of harpsichords
and antique keyboard instruments


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