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Flemish harpsichord after
J. D. Dulcken - 1750

Soundboard in red-deal
Poplar and cypress case
Keyboard in bone and ebony
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Parchment rosace
Strung in brass and iron
Dispositions: 2 x 8',4',lute
Compass : F1 - f6
Transposition: 392 - 415 - 440

Parchment rose
Dimensions: m. 2,60 x 0,98 x 0,24



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Dulcken harpsichord
This is an impressive instrument. With its double case and sturdy construction, the Dulcken is a very versatile instrument suited for playing the entire north european repertoire. It’s generous size lends it a regal sound.

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