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Flemish harpsichord after

Soundboard in red-deal
Poplar case
Keyboard in boxwood and ebony
Pearwood jacks with delrin plectra
Strung in brass and iron
Dispositions: 1 x 8', 1 x 4', lute
or: 2 x 8', lute
Decorations with marbling and flemish paper
Compass: C1 - d6, 56 keys
Transposition: 415 - 440
Dimensions: m. 1,83 x 0,85 x 0,24

performer: Marco Vincenzi


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Ruckers harpsichord

This small Ruckers model is probably the most imitated harpsichord in present day history. The brilliance and depth of sound makes it much sought after. Keeping with the traditional style, the applique of decorative paper makes it even more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. With its size, sound quality and appearance it is a very interesting instrument.


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